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Competition, Project, Sport & Leisure, Sustainability

Kent Wildlife Centre

The new visitor centre will be the flagship visitor centre for Kent Wildlife Trust (KWT) offering...

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Project, Sport & Leisure

Hyde Park Boathouse

The Completed Project The building has now been successfully operating for 6 years, has weathered well and...

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Masterplanning, Project, Sport & Leisure, Sustainability

Lea Valley Canoe Centre

Location: The project is located at Stonebridge Lock in the Lea Valley.   The Clients Brief: The cli...

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Project, Sport & Leisure

Serpentine Pavilion – Hyde Park

The proposed development is on the north side of the Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park between...

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We believe leisure facilities work best when they promote health and well being and are designed to connect with the environment considering the immediate microclimate & community needs.

Our Expertise

  • Permanent and temporary building design expertise for leisure and sports facilities
  • Know-how of innovative green technologies for heating and lighting that utilise the surrounding microclimate e.g. thermal heating from units installed in adjacent rivers or lakes
  • Development of ‘pre-cycling’ solutions which plan for second and third use of sporting structures
  • Designs that integrate rented components for temporary events
  • Experienced reading complex landscapes and developing masterplans that respond sympathetically to the cultural and community context
  • Track record designing highly cost-effective, yet robust facilities/li>

Our Services

  • Masterplanning & Feasibility Studies
  • Gyms
  • Aquatic Centres
  • Sports Facilities
  • Football & Rugby Clubs
  • Schools Sports and Arts Facilities
  • Leisure, Wellness & Spa Facilities
  • International Sporting Events
  • Overlay facilities for temporary events
  • Sports Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Disabled Sports Facilities
  • Other School Facilities